Barracuda Reputation Block List (BRBL)

Starting in September 2008, Barracuda Networks introduced the Barracuda Reputation Block List (BRBL – pronounced "bahr-bel") as a free DNSBL of IP addresses known to send spam. Barracuda Networks fights spam and created the BRBL to help stop the spread of spam.

If you are interested in using or supporting the BRBL, please let us know: Request AccessFeedback

The BRBL is open to public and can be used within reason. Barracuda Networks is currently making this service available free of charge and we hope to keep it that way. Barracuda Networks does require free registration to gain access to the DNSBL. If you would like to register, please click here

Registration is simple and immediate. Please note that this service is provided free of charge, therefore Barracuda Networks reserves the right to refuse service to spammers, competitors and other parties at the company's discretion. This service is provided as is with no warranty of any kind.

From - "BRBL is a worthwhile addition to a company's anti-spam arsenal" read more..

"We use the BRBL to filter mail ...It has reduced the amount of traffic needing to be scanned by the spam and virus filters.... The gains are significant and easily identified even in a small environment. In a small or large environment I personally would highly recommend using the BRBL."

"We have never experienced problems using the BRBL list, and have placed it first in our inbound scan checking. It's online availability is second to none and the false-positive rejection rates are extremely low. When adding our original RBL lists after this one they catch only a few strays."

"Summed up in one word.. "GREAT!" Kudos to the maintainers of the BRBL list!"

-- Albert Thiel,

"About 78.2% of spam that is tagged is caught by this [BRBL] test...I find it a complement to our other tests, and quite useful."

"I have not had any false positives reported that were triggered by this rule."

-- Dan McDonald,

"I am [using BRBL] and am getting less spam. I am using it in blocking mode and putting a reference to the web site to look up why the ip was blocked. I do not have as much [spam] as just using Spamhaus (which is now my secondary blocking list)."

-- Eddie Wieder,


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